About this Site

The central point of this site is formed by a personal collection of travel impressions in shape of text and pictures.

Because it is structured by countries, regions and cities, you are able to select picture series directly. Sometimes it is possible to select districts.
An available slide show makes the handle easier and you can lay back!

Take a journey to cities, who do you know from earlier, or do you have wanted to visit maybe, or who are absolute foreign for you.

How ever - additionally to the pictures there are also interesting facts to read - and if you want more information belonging a theme, there are some informative links listed.

Well, now only remains to say:
Have a nice journey !

The Goal

It's not the goal the different themes unbrokenly and wholly to represent, or the visitor to swamp with dry facts - but rather, to impart private impressions of my travels. This primarily takes place through photos and becomes through stories complete. Information most different aspects concerning, serves as contrast and as addition and lets the photos appear in another light maybe.


web [at] vlasaty [dot] at

What's new ?

Here you will find the chronology of this site.

December 12 New: Integration of Facebook, Google+, Weather Service, YouTube Videos and RSS Feeds - besides: Optimized using for smartphones and tablets
August 12 New: The slide show has been improved with automatically choice of the optimal size, the interval for the slide duration as well as, the suitable music - besides: All pages were prepared for using with wide format displays
January 12 New: Google translator - besides: All Ukrainian photo sets were relaunched in new sizes as well as, all pages were redesigned
September 11 All Romanian photo sets were relaunched in new sizes
December 10 New: Google Maps furthermore, visitors now have the opportunity to contribute their own opinion
January 05 New: Index of photo sets - besides: Improving navigation
February 04 New: Forms for rating, recommendation and e-mail - besides: The imprint has been redesigned and the functionality of the slideshow has been expanded
January 03 Start with Romania and Ukraine

The Picture Sizes

You can change the size of the pictures shown in a photo set at the upper area of the slide show.

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