Kiev has beside 10 formal subdivisions (raions) 5 districts:
Upper Town, Podil, Pecers'k, Chrescatyk and Pan'kivscyna.


Kiev was mentioned in writing for the first time in the year 559 and experienced its first prime time when Kiev was extended under the reign of Vladimir I. in the 10. century. With the baptism of Vladimir I. was the paganism ousted by the Christianity.
From 1362 to 1569 Kiev belonged to the Big-Principality Lithuania. Between 1569 and 1654 Kiev belonged to Poland in order of the Union-Contract Of Lublin. In order of the Contract Of Perejaslav, the union with Russia took place at 1654. Since 1934 Kiev is the capital of the Ukraine again.

Upper Town

The cloister Saint Michael in Kiew

The old Kiev - also named 'Mother Of The Russian Cities'.
The business street vul. Volodymyrs'ka forms the north-south-axis and simultaneously is it the main axis of the city.

You can arive these at the metrostation 'Zoloti Vorota'. Following sights are located near the station:
  • The Golden Gate (old city gate, directly beside the metro-station)
  • The St. Sophia Cathedral
  • The cloister Saint Michael with its golden roofs (it is at the end of the Volodymyrs'kij-Prospect)
  • The Historic Museum (at the northern end of the vul. Volodymyrs'ka)
The church Saint Andreas is located on a hill at the northern end of the upper town. The vul. Desjatinna leads to it. The upper part of the street is winding and steep. At the 'Andriyivskyy Hill' live and work above all artists, authors and craftspersons. The way is coated with old pavingstones and is lined by old houses with cafes, galleries and stores.
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Kiev Upper Town Impressions
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The Cloister Saint Michael in Kiev
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The Andriyivskyy Hill in Kiev
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At the Tschernobyl Museum

Podil is connected with the Upper Town also through a funicular, which leads to the cloister Saint Michael directly.

At the shore of the Dnepr located, Podil represents the trading center Kievs. It is the most northern district. Up to the end of the 19. century it was the only district, where Jews was allowed to stay. If you go with the metro to the station Kontraktova Plosca, you are already in the center of Podil. Here will you see in immediate proximity:
  • The big shopping center in the classicist style, 1809 erected
  • The church Madonna Depart, at the end of the 12. century builded and at the end of the 20. century rebuilded
  • The church Saint Nikolaj, 1695 builded
  • The Chernobyl Museum (in the street vulycja Choriva)
  • A museum of a pharmacy with historic equipment
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Kiev Podil Impressions
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Das Höhlenkloster in Kiev

The monument 'Mother's Homeland' is the center of the memorial for the national war 1941-45 and is 68 m high and stands on a 40 m high pedestal.
(The Statue Of Liberty in New York is 35 m high and stands on a 65 m high pedestal)

The most eastern district. Beside Podil and the Upper Town, Pecers'k is one of the oldest boroughs of Kiev. Because of the hillside situation along the Dnepr and the proximity to the Chrescatyk, Pecers'k is a popular residential area today.

In Pecers'k is also the Cave Cloister. Its name got the cloister through the priest monk and metropolitan Ilarion, which reached about the year 1030 to the steep shore of the Dnepr and dug itself a cave here, in order to can undisturbed meditate and beet.

It originated in the middle of the 11. century. After that first the economic- and apartment houses were erected, one began from 1073 with the construction of the Madonna Depart Church, the main church of the cloister. It was erected in only 5 years. 1240 became it partially destroyed through the Mongolians, 1470 restored, after a fire 1718 baroqueded, 1941 through an explosion destroyed again and in the nineties of the previous century rebuilded.

In the complex of the Cave Cloister is also a microminiature exhibition of Nikolaj Sjadristij. Here are, under strong magnifying glasses, approximately 20 tiny objects to see. Further more there is a museuem of the Decorative Ukrainian People art. There are clothes, embroideries, carpetings, people aspirations and paintings showed.

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Kiev Pecers'k / The Caves Monastery
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At the Chrescatyk

The metrostation 'Majdan Nezaleznosti' is the meeting place for young people and is also a good landmark for strangers.

Until in the 18. century the Chrescatyk was a green valley and popular hunt area of the Kiev's people. Only at start of the 19. century became the lonesome valley an urbane district. About 1880 the houses were already three stories high and banks and stores originated. The Chrescatyk had developed itself from a small path into the most important street of Kiev.

1891 drove the first horse streetcar here, already one year later the first electric streetcar drove on the Chrescatyk. 1934, after the street was furnished with an asphalt blanket, the trolleybusses had replaced the streetcars.

Today the Chrescatyk forms with the Majdan Nezaleznosti (Place Of The Independence) in the center, the spot of the Kiever life. An important role plays the underpasses, where often hawkers sell a great variety of articles. You can buy from a lottery ticket up to tickets for the theater. Street musicians earns their meager bread here. The spectrum is rich and extends from single women who sing Russian songs until to whole bands with percussion and keyboard.

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Kiev Chrescatyk Impressions
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At the Railwaystation

A cast bronze at a metro station in Kiew The platforms at the railway station in Kiev seems rather modest and have already a western appearance on the basis of the modernization. However a surprise is the old counter foyer, which is decorated with paintings.

If you leave the railway station through the regular exits of the platforms, a trellis of taxi drivers, which offer their services unobtrusively, are ready. Some meters further, at the roadside, women often offer quarters. Because of the frightful prices of the established hotels, it is absolutely a consideration to accept such an advantageous offer in the Ukraine.

In Kiev I had occupied a private quarters. Kitchen, sitting room, bath, toilet, anteroom - for less than € 40.-. The apartment had windows to the backyard and was directly in the center located.

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Map Upper Town, Podil, Pecers'k, Chrescatyk, Pan'kivscyna

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Map Kiev Centre

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Die Oper in Kiev The most southern district. Here besides the opera house, the university and a range of museums, also the railway station (metrostation 'Voksal'na') is there. The railway station is worth seeing like many others in Eastern Europe. Differently than the railway station in Western Europe are they not locked at night. The reason is, that it is not uncommon in the Ukraine, to spend a night on the railway station. Because one drives normally wide routes, the connections often are out of order or the tickets are sold out for a corresponding train, are so called 'kimnata materi ta dytyny' (rooms for mother and child) available on all bigger railway stations. This social equipment stands today, more than early, each traveler as service offer to the disposal. They offer silence for some hours, the possibility to put down the luggage and sometimes even to take a shower.
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Gastronomically Kiev does not offer too much. For the small hunger or thirst at intervals exist only a little assortment.

Additional the fastfood stores, which often offer more than only hotdogs, like sandwiches, salads, coffee and cakes, originate pubs just slowly, which for 'Bistro' is the best name. They have most different flair, are shaped in conformity with western model and are almost exclusively visited by young people under 30 years.

While the food was cheaply during the day, so it becomes essentially more expensive in the evening. A dinner for one person costs approximately between € 25.- to € 30.-.

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