Romania is a very hospitable country. Everywhere the people wave, whether from the fields, from the roadside or from the train. Also the enginedriver insists on operate the horn or to wave. One is surprised with a cordial smile often, if one was the first who waves. Ist man derjenige welcher zuerst winkt, so wird man oft mit einem herzlichen Lächeln überrascht.

The people are curiously and very much open-minded. They speak to you on the street and want to know where you come from. Often they explain that in or others. Others try to interpret the car-registration. And it can absolutely happen, that you find a personal travel-companion for the duration of a travel by train.


Area 237.500 qkm
Population ~23.000.000
Capital Bucharest
Offical Language Romanian
Further Languages Hungarian, German, Serbian
Currency 1 Leu (plural Lei) = 100 Bani
Density Of
97 / qkm
Composition Of
Romanians 89%, Hungaries 7%, Gypsies ~2%, Germans 0,5%, others (Turks, Ukrainians, Russians, Tartar, Lippowaner, Serb, Slovaks, Croatians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Armenians ..) 2%
Religions Romanian-Orthodox 86,8%, Catholics 5%, other 8,2%


In the northwest lies the Transilvanien plateau which is framed in the west of the Romanian westmountains and in the south and in the east of the Karpatens.
The Romanian west-mountains are often called also Westkarpatens. The Karpatens themselves cover in approximately one third of the country.
On the other hand to this annular mountain, that connects in the west Westromanian lowland, a part of the Panonian lowland. In the south, the Subkarpatens follow and in the east the highland of the Moldavia.
At both joins in the south the Romanian lowland, which stretches in the east up to the Danubevalley. The southern border forms the Danube until then before she flows direction north in order to form the Danubedelta at the border to the Ukraine.

Romania borders in the north and in the southeast on the Ukraine, in the northwest at Hungaries, in southwest at Yugoslavia, in the south at Bulgaria and in the east at Moldavia.

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