"Some curiosity is needed to travel the Ukraine."

The mood is tarnished in general sooner. Older people seem to regret the Communist system. The people seem to be busy, sometimes also impersonally until unkindly. In contrast to other former east bloc states, like Poland or the Czech Republic, in the service sector of the Ukraine the same behavior is still to be noticed like the people in 'Russia' have a reputation for. The service at the customer doesn't rank above any things. So it can already happen, that you have to interrupt the conversation of two salespersons in order to be served. You will rarely hear the obligatory 'Request and Thank's', even more rarely at ticket counters or at exchange bureaus. Friendliness, considerateness, friendly greetings - is no casualness! You cannot always expect to look into a friendly face or to be served obligingly. Some reaction can astonish. So it is absolutely possible that you get no map at the railway station kiosk, at which there are many newspapers. To the pressing question, where I could acquire such a guide, I got only an uncomprehending shrug of shoulders. Really you get in bookstores and in souvenir shops city maps. Kiosks sell no city maps generally. At established businesses - like central department stores, exchange bureaus and so on - usually you will have rather the feeling to have just disturbed than have been a customer. The reason is probably, that nobody at Communist times was accustomed to serve other people. Therefore much understanding is necessary, if one don't want to spoil one's pleaseure for reason of misunderstanding or of lack of insight into people's nature. However that are perfunctory impressions! One must not generalize this and must not it understand as personal hurt. The Ukraine is a country in the change and the deficiencies which happen to one, belongs to the charm of this country. And helpfulness - above all to strangers - is lived everywhere!


Area 603.700 qkm
Population ~50.700.000
Capital Kiev
Offical Language Ukrainian
Further Languages Russian
Currency 1 Hrywna = 100 Kopeken
Density Of
84 / qkm
Composition Of
Ukrainians 73%, Russians 22%, White Russians 0,9%, Others (altogether over 100 nationalities) 4,1%
Religions Ukrainian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic, Jewish communities


The most important river of the Ukraine is the Dnepr (ukr. Dnipro). It divides the country. It is distinguished between the left-bank-sided and the right-bank-sided Ukraine. Five regions arose in the course of the time: the East Ukraine - also Sloboda Ukraine, the West Ukraine subdivided in Galicia, North Bucovina and West Podolien, the southwestern situated Carpathian Ukraine, the central area about Kiev which is divided of the Dnepr and last but not least the Southern Ukraine with its steppe area north of the Black Sea Coast.
Surrounded becomes the Ukraine in the northwest from Poland, in the west from Romania, in the southwest from Moldavia (before World War II Romanian), in the north of White Russia and in the east and northeast from Russia. In the south forms, separated from the peninsula Crimea, the Black Sea and the Asowsche Sea the natural border.

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Map L'viv City in City L'viv (Lemberg)
Map Kiev Centre in City Kyjiw (Kiev)

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Travel agencies offer rooms under € 100.- hardly, these represent the standard. This means renovated, but no comfort - what would to be expect with this price absolutely. For a room with the corresponding equipment - like a € 100.- room in other countries - you must calculate € 200.- per person and night, incl. breakfast. These are the official prices which become charged on the internet and through travel agencies. Fact is, that there are much more hotels available than on internet or through travel agencies. However, also to mention, is that - at least earlier - not each hotel was allowed to receive foreigners. I think, that such hotels are visited of track- or flight-travelers hardly, if this regulation should be still valid.

In a short therefore exists 3 possibilities:

  • To pay the full price, through travel agencies: € 100.- to € 200.-
  • To look for favorable hotels on the spot, - rooms are always available: € 30.- to € 100.-
  • Private appartments: from approximately € 30.- upwards
Your choice will depend on your adventure desire.
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