The Landscape

Animals in the danube delta
In Europe forms the Danube-Delta an unique landscape. It is the biggest interrelated reed-continuance of the whole earth. It has a surface of over 5600 qkms - after the Wolgadelta europe's second-biggest delta.
The reed covers a surface of 250.000 hectares approximately. Reed is besides building material also primary material for mats, fuel, dung, cellulose and even pharmaceutical products.
Danube Delta Impressions
Because of the gigantic alluvium, the landscape of the delta is subjected to continuous change. However 3 watercourses have been partially constant for more than 2000 years. Near Tulcea, the biggest port at the edge of the Danube-Delta, the Danube divides into three estuary: into the Chilia-mouth, the Sulina-mouth and the Sfantu-Georghe-mouth.
An artificially cuted waterway, that also leads into the black sea, is the 64 km long Danube-Black-Sea-Channel, that lies between Cernawoda and Constanta.
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The Nature

The picture of the Danube Delta is formed by reed-islands, that so-called 'Plaurs', those are freely driving in the water or anchored by roots. They consist of densely matted reed-roots and watergrass as well as of soil drifted by wind and alluvium. The fish are the most important source of income for the inhabitants of the Danube Delta. There is still sufficient up to now, there live more than 100 types, amongst others: carps, Danube-herring, pike, pike-perch, catfish and sturgeon.
Besides the reed, one find also ancient forests on the so-called 'Grinds'. They are embankments former channels or former coasts and represents the only mainland in the Danube Delta.

On Romanian side is Sulina with approximately 7.000 inhabitants the biggest city in the Danube Delta.

Swans in the danube delta
These reed-islands are often stable enough, that fishers erect huts on it and spend the summer on their. But also the multiplicity of types of birds is impressive. In the Danube Delta live more than 300 types, amongst others: pelicans, herons, bonnet-divers, nightingales and swans.
The next bigger city Vylkove already lies in Ukrainian area. At the present more than 25.000 people live in the Danube Delta.
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The Danube Delta
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If one an one-day trip through the Danube Delta too few, it is recommendable to rent a houseboat. These are usually equipped with kitchen, sundeck, shower, toilet and 220V power supply. Partially they are not self-powered and are moved with a tractor into the reed-area.

Map Danube Delta

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For orange marked points are photo series available on this site.

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